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Seaton Delaval Hall   

is a Grade 1 listed Mansion House in Northumberland, UK, designed by Sir John Vanbrugh and now owned by the National Trust.
250 years ago the Hall was largely destroyed by fire and has never been fully restored.

The scene below illustrates the Grand Salon in its current ‘preserved’ state.
The image is interactive, so use your mouse to drag the scene around and view every side of the room.
The left and right pointing arrows in the menu bar below will transform the room back into the 18th century.
Look closely as there are also action hotspots embedded inside both scenes.
Some of these play audio files whilst others activate pop-up information.


This scene has been rendered in a Stereoscopic format which is only visible when viewed through a VR set.
Stereoscopic format adds an extra depth to the scene making objects that lie further away truly appear to be so.

Viewed through a headset you are placed inside the scene which navigates by matching the motion of your head as you look around.

To view on your phone in VR mode first make sure ‘autorotate’ is enabled.
Open the scene with the link here below and then click on the ‘VR’ goggles icon that appears on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
Turn your phone onto its side and place it inside the VR viewer.

Use this link for the scene in VR mode

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