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Richborough Roman Fort & Amphitheatre

Richborough marks the spot where the Romans first came ashore for their successful AD 43 invasion of Britain. By the end of the 1st century Richborough had grown into one of the primary supply bases for the Roman army, with a large triumphal arch built at its centre (marking the succesfull invasion of Britain) and an Amphitheatre on the edge of town.

Two hundred years later, by the mid 3rd Century, the Roman army had begun a retreat back toward Richborough. Buildings were demolished to make way for new defensive structures built around the arch (which was then utilised as a signal station). By the end of the 3rd Century the arch had been removed and the surrounding walls fortified in stone.

The images below illustrate

  • The Amphitheatre
  • The ‘Fortlet’ built around the triumphal arch
  • A small bathhouse which was later built within the new fort
  • A view along Watling Street looking toward the new stone fort toward the end of the 3rd Century.

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