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Hadrians Wall  

This section of the Hadrians Wall exists at West Denton, alongside the A69 on the approach to Newcastle upon Tyne.
The wall is seen here not long after its construction in AD 130 and can be seen stretching away into the far distance with Benwell Fort just appearing over the horizon.
In the middle distance you can see Denton Hall Turret.

historic reconstruction and illustration

To the right of the image (the south side of the wall) you can see a wide ditch, with flanking mounds.
This was known as the Vallum and ran parallel along the entire length of the wall as did a second, closer ditch, on the north side.
The soldiers illustrated here are Auxillaries (locals fighting for Rome) and are clothed in the customary uniform from this period and region.
Their shields are shown with protective leather covers.

The image has been permanently installed on an information board for English Heritage.
It is sited alongside the existing ruin where the two views can be compared.

Here below you can compare the view without visiting the site. Use the slider to compare.

historic reconstruction and illustration
historic reconstruction and illustration

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