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Eddystone Lighthouse  

This is the first of four Lighthouse structures that have existed on the Eddystone Rocks off the south coast of England.
Built in 1698 by Henry Winstanley this is the first ever recorded instance of an offshore lighthouse.

The lighthouse currently in existence was built in 1882.

historic reconstruction and illustration

Following damage suffered during its first year in service Winstanley had the lighthouse rebuilt on a larger scale with extra stonework and more elaborate decorations.
It was anchored down to the rock by 12 huge iron stanchions.

Winstanley had great faith in his construction and is recorded to have said that
he wished he might be inside it during the greatest storm that there ever was.
He got his wish as the tower was completely destroyed in 1703 whilst Winstanley was, that night, visiting the lighthouse to make repairs.
He and all five workers lost their lives that night.

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