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The Durham Exchequer House 

was built in the 1440s and is one of the oldest buildings on Palace Green in the city of Durham.
The building housed the Chancery court and the bishops financial offices, where he could manage his land his tenants and his business.
Durhams Chancery court was of national importance. It was one of only two courts outside Westminster where equity disputes could be settled.

This project was commissioned to illustrate how the building has evolved over its 600 year life span and is planned to be installed on site as an introduction to guided tours of the building.
Tours are planned to begin with an explanatory introductory movie (seen here below, sound muted ) followed by a guided tour.

To help explain some of the more complex architectural alterations during the tour, interactive, panoramic ‘step back in time’ scenes were built, intended for display on hand held tablets (as seen at the bottom of the page).

The interactive panoramic, ‘step-back-in-time’ scenes
Drag using your mouse to navigate – Two middle buttons to switch between the Chancery court room and the first floor landing & the arrows in the corners to flip between present day & the 15th Century

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